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SCC is a Catalan civil movement that promotes cohesion among Catalans and also between Catalans and the rest of Spain. We counteract secessionist organizations and want everyone to hear the other voice of Catalonia, the one that works hard to maintain Catalonia's presence in Spain.

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Réponse de la SCC à l'appel "Pour le respect des libertés et des droits fondamentaux en Catalogne

Chers messieurs les Sénateurs,

Précisément parce que notre pays est si près du vôtre, et parce que la Catalogne partage une frontière avec vous, nous sommes extrêmement surpris de l’ignorance dont vous faites preuve à propos de la réalité que nous vivons en Catalogne et en Espagne depuis plus de 7ans par la faute du processus souverainiste.Vous dites être inquiets des « graves événements » qui se sont produits en Catalogne.

Nous, les Catalans et Espagnols qui sommes en faveur de l’État de Droit et de la Constitution espagnole, nous sommes non seulement inquiets, mais irrités, découragés, nous ressentons de la peur, du désespoir et de l'impuissance...

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On 12 February, Spain’s Supreme Court is due to start the trial of the Catalan nationalist leaders of attempted unilateral secession of Catalonia of September and October 2017. During those difficult months, Societat Civil Catalana (SCC) organised demonstrations in two occasions with over a million people rallying on the streets of Barcelona to support unity between Catalonia and the rest of Spain. SCC would like to share with you the following analysis:

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Le procès de plusieurs dirigeants indépendantistes impliqués dans le coup de septembre et octobre 2018 s'ouvrira le 12 février devant la Cour suprême espagnole. Durant ces jours-là, difficiles pour tous les Catalans et pour toute l'Espagne, Societat Civil Catalana a convoqué à deux reprises plus d'un million de personnes à manifester pour maintenir les liens d'unité et de fraternité entre la Catalogne et le reste de l'Espagne. En tant que principale organisation constitutionnaliste, nous voulons exprimer notre position avant le procès et transmettre quelques informations importantes:

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Herman van Rompuy, the ex-president of the European Council, shows his support for Catalan Civil Society in Brussels

José Rosiñol, president of Catalan Civil Society; Miriam Tey, vice president of the organization; Teresa Freixes, professor of Constitutional Law; met this morning with Herman von Rompuy, the ex-president of the European Council and the Ex-Prime Minister of Belgium.

SCC’s leaders expressed to him their point of view about the political and social situation that’s been evolving for years in Catalonia. Rosiñol especially wanted to stress that it’s not a conflict between Catalonia and the rest of Spain, but rather is, above all, a problem among Catalans. In fact, he assured him that there’s currently a constitutional majority that wants to remain part of Spain and continue forming part of the European Union. For this reason, he denounced the fact that secessionist entities haven’t accepted Catalan Civil Society’s proposal to have a dialogue aimed at reducing social tensions. 

Furthermore, they explained to the ex-president of the European Council that one of SCC’s most important objectives is to promote coexistence and harmony and change Catalonia into a territory in which tolerance, solidarity, and respect for diversity prevail, making Catalonia an exemplary model for Europe to follow.

Rosiñol assured Van Rompuy that what is happening in Catalonia is a symptom of a European disease, populism and nationalism, and as a response to the serious situation permeating throughout the continent, Rosiñol informed him that SCC is launching European Civil Society. This project is based on the defense of democratic values and coexistence and intends to stand up to the wave of populism and nationalism that is growing throughout Europe.

Herman van Rompuy, for his part, has shown support for Catalan Civil Society and the creation of their new European project, and he has referenced the importance of joining forces and unifying actions to confront the approaching challenges. With this in mind, he guaranteed that nobody will succeed if they seek secessionism. He also emphasized that a new independent State would lack recognition from the European Union and its treaties, meaning that from the very first day of its independence, EU jurisdiction would no longer apply in that territory. Catalonia would immediately be outside of the European Union.

Shortly before, the president of Catalan Civil Society and the vice president held a press conference with foreign reporters and Spanish news correspondents. In this conference, just as they did with the Ex-Prime Minister of Belgium, they analyzed the current Catalan situation and presented their new European project.




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